Ridiculous Arrests mean Illegal Deprivation of Liberty!

RI Criminal Defense Lawyer James E. Smith found this article interesting.


This is why I became a Criminal Defense Lawyer.  It’s a prime example of abuse by people placed in positions of power.  Ultimately, that power is abused, victims are illegally deprived of their freedom and in this case, a child is separated from her parents.

This is a disaster and can’t be overstated.  Deprivation of liberty without probable cause can be crime in our country.  Its called kidnapping and/or false imprisonment, and that’s essentially what has happened here.  Can you imagine being charged with shoplifting because you forgot to pay for a grocery item that you didn’t place on the register’s conveyor belt?  This couple paid for their groceries (about $50 worth) and forgot about the $5 worth of sandwiches they had consumed while shopping.

Who the heck pays for $50 worth of groceries and then intentionally steals $5 more?  Any police officer knows that intent is the key element in the crime of Shoplifting.  The police officer who responded to this call should NEVER have placed this couple in custody.

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