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Update: State Police report biggest drug bust in R.I. history

Bryan Rourke  

SCITUATE, R.I. — The Rhode Island State Police say they have made the largest drug bust in Rhode Island history, arresting two California men and a Utah man and seizing nearly $8 million in drugs and money.

The police say $1,245,100 in U.S. currency has been seized. The police have also seized $6.6 million worth of drugs.

Arrested were Adilson Antonio Reyes, 29, of 3841 Adams Ave., South Ogden, Utah; Rodrigo Armando Saucedo, 31, of 1908 Dunswell Ave., Hacienda Heights, Calif.; and Andrew Rios, 39, of 7329 Luxor Drive, Downey, Calif.

All three men were arraigned Jan. 31 in Washington County Courthouse and charged with possession of cocaine in excess of 1 kilogram; possession of cocaine with intent to distribute; conspiracy to to possess cocaine in excess of 1 kilogram; and conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute.

The state police have postponed a press conference on the bust until tomorrow because of dangerous road conditions. In addition to the state police, the press conference will include representatives of the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Woonsocket, Warwick and East Providence police departments.


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