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RI Criminal Defense Lawyer James E. Smith found this article in the Projo.

Man arrested for the 18th time for driving without license

2:12 PM Thu, Dec 16, 2010 
Tom Mooney

Notarianni/Journal file

GLOCESTER, R.I. — Until the other day, Robert A. Notarianni had won public notoriety for being arrested 17 times for driving without a license.

Well, make it 18 now.

On Tuesday, Glocester police say they arrested the 45-year-old wood hauler, of Harrington Avenue, Warwick, and charged him with driving a dump truck reported stolen the previous day and, yes, with driving on a suspended license.

One year ago, Notarianni’s 17th arrest so angered the Scituate Police Department that they called the state attorney general’s office for advice on how to keep Notarianni behind bars for a while.

When Notarianni’s day in court arrived, District Court Judge J. Terrence Houlihan reviewed the evidence and ordered him held in prison as an alleged probation violator.

Video: Watch Notarianni’s court appearance on his 17th charge.

Nov. 2009: No Driver’s license? For many, nor problem

The state requested that he stay in prison for 90 days as punishment for violating his probation. If caught driving on a suspended license again while on probation, Notarianni was told he could face up to two years behind bars.

At Tuesday’s arraignment, Notarianni had his bail set at $5,000 with surety, police say, and he could have made it if not for one more unrelated charge.

In May, Providence police arrested him and charged him with possession of a controlled drug, said Glocester police Capt. Joseph V. Mattera. He was on probation for that charge when he was picked up Tuesday and is now being held without bail as an alleged probation violator.

“Some people just don’t get it, and he’s an example,” said Mattera. “They just don’t care. And I think he feels he’s above the law.”

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