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Update: Providence detective pleads guilty in drug case / Photos

12:56 PM Thu, Dec 09, 2010 | 
News staff    Email

colanduano_540.jpgProvidence Journal photos / Andrew Dickerman 
Providence Detective Joseph A. Colanduono, charged in the Operation Deception drug ring investigation, pleads guilty in Superior Court today. At left is his lawyer, Ralph E. Chiodo. 

By Gregory Smith
Journal Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A man admitted in Superior Court Thursday that he is a corrupt cop.

Detective Colanduano’s former sister-in-law, Amy DiNobile, left, and his wife, Tracey Colanduono, in court this morning. 

Veteran Providence narcotics Detective Joseph A. Colanduono pleaded guilty to charges that he sold cocaine and otherwise assisted what investigators called “a large-scale cocaine distribution ring” led by Albert Hamlin, his longtime confidential informant.

Colanduono, 45, of 9 Bayberry Dr., West Warwick, was one of four Providence officers and at least 25 people charged in a joint investigation of the ring by the Rhode Island State Police and the FBI called Operation Deception.

His is the first of the cases against the Providence officers to be resolved. He is suspended from duty without pay, as are the others.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to deliver drugs, larceny and harboring Hamlin.

Judge Robert D. Krause, who took the pleas, said that he intends to sentence Colanduono next month. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

Albert Hamlin, brother of another charged Providence police officer, has pleaded guilty to drug-dealing charges.

Prosecutors say Colanduono bought cocaine from Hamlin and shielded him from arrest.

Colanduono served on a task force run by the DEA until he was arrested. He and the other officers have been suspended without pay.





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